About Us

Rddhi in Sanskrit means "Supernatural Power". By Rddhi we mean to inspire, train and to deliver our customers with extraordinary and powerful tools in Engineering

Our aim is to increase the research and project development competencies among students of Mechanical, Automobile, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, by training them with the leading commercial and open source FEA and CFD tools.

Our mission is to help students incorporating the latest tools of research and design, indulging them in undergraduate and graduate research, thereby increasing the skill and value of the Engineering Graduates in India today!

Why choose us?

=> Advanced and Detailed Training programs
=> Theory oriented software learning
=> Project Support for UG and PG in Engineering courses
=> Case studies and Industrial training
=> Full level Training Materials are provided
=> Clustered Lab facility for Analysis Projects
=> High Performance Workstation for Precision Analysis

RDDHI Services

Research Project Consultation Services

We undertake consultation on Academic Projects under BTech, MTech and PhD Projects and help our customers to complete the same through our support.

On-Campus Training and Research Program

Training Program conducted on the Campus which helps students gather indepth knowledge and help them pursue research on their own. We also provide project assistance to the students.

Off-Campus Training and Research Program

Train the Students on Advanced FEM and CFD Analysis tools, helping them pursue research, and placements for the bright ones on Industries based on numerical methods.

Workshops on commercial and open source softwares

Conducting One-day to three-day workshops for undertaking advanced training workshops on selected modules or for Industries and Academic Institutions.

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Aswathy building
Near Thuravoor Narasimha Temple,
Thuravoor, CHerthala 688532